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ReVision Wayfarer - Eco-Friendly Recyclable Paper Sunglasses

ReVision Wayfarer - Eco-Friendly Recyclable Paper Sunglasses

• Ships from Schweden, der EU, Europa
Brand from Sweden
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Meet ReVision, our eco-friendly, recyclable paper wayfarer-style sunglass. Wayfarers are most famous sunglass design in the history of eyewear. Even if the design has undergone some changes over time, the original design will likely always resemble what it once was.

When they were first introduced to the general public, they were considered revolutionary as they looked nothing like previously offered sunglasses. 

Throughout the entire process of our new wayfarers, from design to manufacturing to the final product, we put the environment first. To really deliver an assortment that 100% eco-friendly is, we exhibit everything from frames to bags, boxes and cleaning cloths renewable materials.

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